Advisory Board

International Academy Of Integrative Immunity (I-AIIM) aims at organizing conferences at the forefront of Endocrine and Immunity, which bring together physicians and healthcare practitioners in an environment that fosters exchange and interaction and the establishment of collaborations. Submission of a proposal is open to physicians, professors, and healthcare practitioners from any country. Selection of the lectures is primarily focused on scientific quality and cutting edge technology in the interaction between the endocrine and immune systems that account for more than 95 percent of all the chronic diseases in the 21st Century.  I-AIIM is assisted by an Advisory Board to advise and guide the scientific program. The task of the Board is the following: Scientific evaluation of submitted proposals/abstracts, a breeding ground for ideas for new topics, and to provide personal contact to a wide range of new intellectually sound presenters. Proposals are submitted once a year for the Major Congress in December. The Advisory board will review the abstracts before the Conference Deadline. Abstracts will be submitted to more than one Board member for review. Approval of an abstract will be determined by the majority vote of the board. Final approval will then come from the CME provider.