Membership in I-AIIM is one of the best things you can do either for your healthcare practice or for your individual health. As technology continues to grow and become an integral part of our lives, it is important to find a way to way to integrate technology into our healthcare—and that doesn’t just mean picking a doctor that uses tablets instead of paper charts. When it comes to being healthier and making the most out of your time, you need a one-stop healthcare platform that allows you to find all of the products and services you need, without having to drive around to many different offices or even search lots of different websites. This is where the International Academy of Integrative Immunity comes in. We have membership opportunities for both providers and patients, who want a better way to participate in the healthcare community.

For Providers

When you become a member of I-AIIM, you have the ability to offer your services, knowledge, expertise, and products to a wider range of patients, without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in expanding your practice or without having to build a promote your own website. With us, you have the opportunity to make your own page and offer just about anything healthcare related. Best of all, you won’t have to pay thousands to some graphic designer in order to build your webpage, and then thousands more to promote it. When you build your online business here, you get an integrated technology experience that truly helps your patients and even helps you find more people that can benefits from the products or services that you want to offer. In our world of technology, it’s time to start taking advantage of it. We’ve made it easy.

For Patients

One of the major complaints that doctors and other healthcare providers have about their patients is that they are not very compliant when it comes to following instructions about their own health. A major complaint that patients have about doctors is that they refuse to use technology that makes it easier for patients to become compliant with their instructions. Now, patients have a platform where they can find the advice, classes, and products that they need. With I-AIIM, you can stay abreast of the most popular healthcare trends, on your own schedule and on a platform that you understand and caters to your needs. Membership into the site is absolutely free! This is your chance to get the healthcare you need when and where you need it. You simply need to register so we can find out who you are. The benefits to becoming a member are comprehensive.

- Ask the questions you need to know

Obtain a treatment plan

- Talk to multiple healthcare professionals

- Take seminars and workshops

- Learn more about your health

- 24/7 care

All of these are benefits that you can take advantage of when you are a member. Only members can access everything, so there’s no reason for you not to sign up. This will ensure you are never limited to the kind of care that you can receive – and with more doctors and healthcare professionals signing up regularly, the benefits are only going to get better with time. One of the main reasons to become a member is so you can have all of your information saved. If you load information into the site, you only have to do it once. This ensures that, anyone you give permission to, can see your online medical history. If you have had tests, blood work, x-rays, or anything else, you can share the information with any provider you choose so as to receive the highest level of care possible – and get all of the second and third opinions needed without having to go all over town. Online medical care is finally available and at I-AIIM, we are happy to be the ones to provide it. We have taken the time to go over each application that comes into us from doctors and other healthcare providers around the world and the membership that you have allows you to tap into what they have to offer. As you browse through the various healthcare providers, you will see that they cover a wide range of specialties and many offer courses, workshops, webinars, and seminars for you to participate in as well. As a member, you can take part in all of these educational activities, either for free or for a fee predetermined by the providers – and this can add up to quite a cost savings. We aim to make this site as comprehensive as possible and we have more people becoming members all the time. This allows you to meet new people and find a community where you can talk about your health and how to improve it. Help with your physical and mental health can be provided and having a community may be just what you need to feel as though you are in control of what’s going on with you and your body.

Why Choose I-AIIM?

We help you to get back on your feet by providing you with access to real doctors and other healthcare practitioners, any time of the day or night. You can ask questions and get answers – and if you have a webcam, it’s even possible for the doctors to conduct an exam. Accurate diagnoses are only a click away once you connect with a doctor or healthcare professional – and we make it as easy as can be. More people are connecting with us all the time, and this includes online patients and medical professionals. We treat virtually every ailment that a doctor or urgent care center would, so go ahead and become a member today to see how it works. You may be surprised by how easy it is!

Do you have questions about the membership or anything else about


We invite you to check out our FAQs page where (hopefully) we have covered what you want to know. Otherwise, please contact us so we can address any questions or concerns that you may have.

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